"Look... don't act all... sorry around me. I know that you think that, now my dreams are crushed, you can be all nice to me and hope that I'll forget about it. It's not like that. Ever since I came here,  I've always wanted to become a warrior. And now I can't. And you're making it worse." - Rainpaw to Firepaw in a roleplay to come...

Rainstream is a beautiful, small, slender, flecked gray she-cst with big, bright blue eyes, a dlicate pink nose, powerful hind legs, thorn-sharp claws, sparkling white teeth, gray spots all over her, stripes on her paws, and face, and a long, whippy tail, which too has stripes on.

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Character Pixels:Edit

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Kit version:

Kittypet version:


(Name at time: Rain)

Apprentice version:

Medicine Cat Apprenctice version:

Warrior version:


(Name at time: Rainstream)