Please do not edit this page. Thank you.

Here are our rules. We hope you spend time reading them- it's better to be safe than sorry! Violation of these rules may result in your pictures/account being reported and maybe deleted.

  1. No spamming. We are extremely strict about this kind of thing on the wiki. If you are a victim or witness of spamming, immediately report the person doing it.
  2. Do not upload more than one personal image. We only say this so that we can monitor how many pictures there are on the wiki, so that it dosen't get too much. Violation of this rule may result in images being deleted without warning!
  3. Do not put anything on articles that is inaccurate or may upset others. This rule is very important, and breaking it may result in your account being deleted.
  4. Do not mix up the character and role-play sections/articles.
  5. Do not post pictures on articles without putting them on the approval page first. The pictures will get deleted.
  6. Do not abuse others. Your account may be deleted without warning!
  7. Finally, have fun! Make reasonable edits on articles, chat to others, anything that makes you happy. Just nothing that's listed above!